07 Dec 2020

New facilities. We lift, we are moving.

New facilities. New challenges. New chances.   Alar, together with Calderería Iraola, are undertaking a new and exciting stage in their new facilities in Tolosa. We hope that the joint efforts that both activities will carry out will result in a better and more efficient customer service from both companies.   A completely new 5 […]

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08 Nov 2019

New CATALOGUE. We lift, we lift dreams and realities.

We lift, we lift dreams and realities. We lift businesses and profits. Any mobility, transportation, handling or lifting issues you have, can be solved  by our technicians. Alar is delighted to present you with their brand new catalogue , where part of their product range can be found. The dynamics and continued effort  we invest in the […]

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18 Sep 2019

General Dynamics rotating lifting beam. GH Cranes

” When your company name appears next to multinational companies such as General Dynamics or GH Cranes, which are leading firms in their field sector, it’s an indication that Alar is heading in the right direction.  Alar should therefore, be congratulated as well as the whole team, for having been part of this ongoing project. […]

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03 Dec 2018

How to tackle buying lifting equipment? (II)

The theoretical basis regarding the working group classification has helped the prospective equipment manufacturer  to have a clearer criteria for the design of an appropriate equipment. However, this does not apply to the prospective client, (except for the most experienced and knowledgeable ones) as they might be limited about the knowledge of the rules to […]

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18 Jul 2018

How to tackle buying lifting equipment? (I)

How to tackle buying lifting equipment? The decisions a purchaser has to make are similar to those of someone wishing to purchase a car or a washing-machine, having similar questions to be answered. The purchaser has to choose the product that best suits their needs, in terms of their expectations of quality, features and so […]

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