18 Sep 2019
Balancín elevación giratorio . Rotating lifting beam

General Dynamics rotating lifting beam. GH Cranes

” When your company name appears next to multinational companies such as General Dynamics or GH Cranes, which are leading firms in their field sector, it’s an indication that Alar is heading in the right direction.  Alar should therefore, be congratulated as well as the whole team, for having been part of this ongoing project. This rotating lifting beam shows the technical capacities of our engineers.


Technical Characteristics

Shipbuilding industry rotating beam

52 electromagnets

Electromechanical rotating beam

Follow the link for additional information:

NASSCO – Rotating beam

Our product range includes: lifting beams, spreaders, coil tongs,  C-hooks, mesh nippers, electropermanent magnets, transfer cars, elevators, lifting electro magnets, gearboxes.

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