07 Dec 2020

New facilities. We lift, we are moving.

New facilities.

New challenges.

New chances.


Alar, together with Calderería Iraola, are undertaking a new and exciting stage in their new facilities in Tolosa.

We hope that the joint efforts that both activities will carry out will result in a better and more efficient customer service from both companies.


A completely new 5 Tn crane has been installed.

NAVE 02_BN_1000

New offices. One meeting room included.

NAVE 03_BN_1000


Go ahead, Alar team!!!


Our product range includes: slings, shackles, lifting beamsspreaderscoil tongs,  C-hooksmesh nipperselectropermanent magnetstransfer carselevatorslifting electro magnetsgearboxes


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